Protocols in our installations

🔘 All facilities are disinfected daily.
🔘 You will find water-alcoholic gel dispensers that are approved and compulsory for use in many areas of our establishment.
🔘 Protective screens in the customer service area.
🔘 The use of the lift will be limited to a maximum of two people, unless they share a room.
🔘 The room keys will be completely disinfected.
🔘 Towels and bedding are washed at a high temperature.
🔘 Gel and masks available to our customers.
🔘 Remote control TV and telephone sterilization of each room.
🔘 Pedal-operated bins and inner bag.
🔘 Regular cleaning of the ventilation filters.

The use of a mask and gloves will be mandatory

🔘 You will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the common areas.
🔘 As far as possible, we recommend payment by card.
🔘 The POS will be disinfected regularly.
🔘 At the hotel entrance your shoes will be disinfected.

Our employees’ protocols

🔘 All our staff are aware of the new health and safety guidelines.
🔘 Our staff will wear gloves and masks at all times.
🔘 The equipment will be monitored daily for body temperature.
🔘 Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m with any partner.
🔘 Daily monitoring of the health status of workers.
🔘 The reception staff will disinfect the counter every time a customer is finished.

Protocols in restoration

🔘 You will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the common areas.
🔘 An individual breakfast service will be offered.
🔘 We will leave a table free between diners to guarantee safety space.
🔘 Table linen and single-use napkins will be used. Tables and chairs will be disinfected with each use.
🔘 Capacity will be controlled to prevent crowding.